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Tamara integration with Wix website

Are you looking to integrate your wix website to Tamara payment gateway?

In this blog we will give you an overview of how you can integrate Tamara payment gateway to your Wix website.

Step by Step Instructions :

Step 1: Obtain Tamara API Keys to integrate with your Wix website

Start by logging into your Tamara account and navigating to the developer or integration section. Obtain your Tamara API keys, which are essential for authenticating and securing communication between your Wix website and Tamara's servers.

Step 2: Set Up a Backend File

To handle server-side processing and ensure the security of sensitive information, we'll create a backend file. Follow the steps below

Wix integration with Tamara

Adjust the endpoint ('/webhook') and the static file serving path based on your project structure.

Step 3: Create Your Wix Page

In your Wix Editor:

  1. Add the following code on checkout page where you want to initiate the payment.

Tamara + wix

Replace 'your_tamara_api_key' with your actual Tamara API key.

Step 4: Testing and Launching

  1. Use the test API keys provided by Tamara for testing purposes.

  2. Test the entire checkout process, including webhook handling.

  3. Once testing is successful, launch your Wix site with Tamara Payment Gateway fully integrated.

Congratulations! You've successfully integrated Tamara Payment Gateway with your Wix website, providing your customers with a secure and user-friendly payment experience.

This guide aims to provide a basic overview, if you are seeking a professional help in this regard then contact us.


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