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  • Ashwani Agarwal

12 reasons to choose Wix over WordPress!

How Wix is better than WordPress?


Most entrepreneurs and vendors have a website on a website-building platform because they struggle to determine which one is better or meets their specific needs. Popular choices include WordPress, Wix, or Shopify. However, even after making a selection, they are uncertain if it was the right decision. Google states that the majority of websites are built on either Wix or WordPress. BrainQuest Consultancy and Training simplifies the comparison between Wix and WordPress, making it easier for business owners and entrepreneurs to understand.

Point of difference




Usually, it ranges from $13-$25/ month, but with their 50% off code, it would cost $7-$13/ month.

WordPress is free to set up, but it demands a hosting provider, who charge anywhere from $200-$1100/ month.

Ease of use

As per BrainQuest's client experience, it's 4.8/5. Wix is easy to set up, and no technical knowledge is required.

As per BrainQuest's client experience, it's 3/5. WordPress is often found as a difficult platform to build websites.


Overall user experience = 4.7/5.

Overall user experience = 3.4/5

Payment integration

Wix has a wide range of payment platforms, which covers almost every county. The assortment is wide and deep.

WordPress does have the top payment integrations, but platforms aren't as diverse as Wix's offering.


Semrush keyword tools, basic SEO capability, and advanced features are all included with Site Booster on the Unlimited subscription or higher. Basic SEO is included in the premium plan.

Simple SEO tools, with the Yoast plugin's premium features available for $69 for one website. Users need to pay for SEO.


Supports authors who contribute, tags, categories, and mobile blogging. has a free media library included.

Further supports featured photos, post backdating, categories, and tagging in addition to categories and tags. WordPress is similar to Wix when it comes to blogging.

Design and customization

There are more than, 800 professionally created themes available for you to choose from, however changing designs requires redesigning your website.

Almost unrestricted control over the aesthetics of your website, especially if you enjoy coding. Please keep in mind that it is advised using WordPress themes created by the platform itself.

Apps and plug-ins

Wix has over 300 apps, and each one's features and operations are rigorously checked to make sure they operate as intended.

Very flexible and adaptable, however, could be a problem if your personal plugins or tools stop working.


Any of its e-commerce programs include built-in sales features. Ideal for all online shops. Caters to small, medium and large businesses.

To construct an online store, one needs to install a plugin like WooCommerce. Better suited to bulk sales or pure e-commerce businesses. Caters to large businesses or wholesalers.

Customer support

24/7, extremely friendly customer support. There are chatbots, email, and call support. Turnaround time is <60 seconds in most of countries. Others take a maximum of 5 minutes. Wix's customer support is among the top 5 in the world.

Unorganised large community forum with many debates. A prompt response is likewise difficult to come by.

Customized MOQ

Customized MOQ is available on Wix with Velo!. One can set up different MOQs on products.

WordPress gives its users to have MOQs set up of their choice.


Wix is easy to maintain. It is extremely user-friendly.

WordPress usually comes with high maintenance costs, especially, from the hosting provider.

Having considered the significant factors that favor migrating your website to Wix, it becomes crucial to have a competent migration partner supporting your e-commerce brand throughout the process. BrainQuest provides professional website migration services at competitive prices, coupled with prompt and reliable customer service.


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