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  • Ashwani Agarwal

Integrate MF group with Wix

Are you looking to add invoice based payment method using MF Group?

In this blog we will give you an overview of how you can add MF group payment method to your WIX website or how you can do the integration of with WIX stores.

(refer to this link to know more about MF Group )

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Open the developer mode in your dashboard

  2. Click on the public and backend icon

accept invoice based payment using mf group

3. Create a new Backend Module

accept payment using mf group

4. Add the following code which Integrates the MF Group code to send the response (This is a sample code which works but need to be modified according to the customer needs)

MF Group in wix

5. Create a custom checkout page which allows users to make the checkout with MF group.

6. Add a button on the cart page which redirect the user to the custom checkout page

MF Group on wix

MF Group + Wix

(German Version)

7. Fill out the form which appeared after the redirection which makes up for the agreement for MF Group.

MF Group - kauf auf rechnung

8. Enter the code in the page with the above form (connecting the frontend form with backend)

MF Group Custom integration with wix

9. If the payment is approved by them you will have a successful transaction.


If you are looking to integrate this payment method to your website then contact us .


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