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Minimum or maximum quantity of products required to checkout

Minimum or maximum order Quantity

In this blog, we discuss how to set up a minimum or maximum order quantity of products for your cart page. We have already implemented this for several customers, and would like to share an overview with you

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Open the developer mode in your dashboard

2. Select the page where you want to add the condition either the cart page or in the checkout page.

3. Add the following code for the minimum order quantity to the selected page and customize it according to your need

Wix Stores Request: Minimum or Maximum Quantity

4. Create the same function for maximum order quantity

5. Now you will be able to see the error message like below.

Wix Stores Request: Limiting Checkout by Number of Items

6. You can customize the message as per your requirement and you're done..

Minimum or Maximum Quantity of Products

If you want to have the minimum and maximum order setup in your website then contact us .


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